how i work

Depending on the client’s needs, my work includes, but is not limited to:

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  • Healthy function of the vocal instrument for pop, rock, country, R&B, gospel, rap, hip hop, musical theater, and other Commercial genres, and beginning-to-intermediate Classical

  • Studio Prep & Vocal Production

  • Warming Up & Cooling Down

  • Vocal Hygiene

  • Musicianship (including Theory and Ear Training) 

  • Individualized Practice Plans and Goal-setting

  • Maintaining Health and Balance On the Road

  • Artistry

  • Creativity Practices

  • Overcoming Performance Anxiety and Other Limiting Beliefs

  • Support for Returning to Singing after a Vocal Injury

  • Holistic Living and Mindfulness Practices

my Philosophy

Singers are vocal athletes. Singing is also a profoundly emotional, mental, and spiritual experience. As a result, realizing our potential as singers means not only understanding how our amazing instrument works and developing a finely-tuned awareness of our bodies, but also recognizing how our thinking, past experiences, and even the way we see ourselves as vocalists, all impact our singing. High-level performance of any kind involves a training of the mind as well as the body, and I believe in approaching singing from this holistic perspective.

  • My teaching utilizes tools from many approaches that I have gathered, studied, and practiced for more than twenty years.  

  • Teaching voice is a creative process through which I discover what YOU need to become the best singer you can be.  The method that is right for you is the method (or combination of methods) that is designed through this creative approach. The most effective vocal coaches are not those with the right “method” but those who are constantly learning, have developed the ability to listen on a deeper level, are highly empathetic, and can set ego aside to focus exclusively on the needs of the singer.  

  • Vocal study is essential: you only have one instrument for a lifetime— learning how to protect it is your best insurance policy!

  • I believe in a balance of Technique and Artistry that looks different for every singer; in other words, I strive to protect what is unique about YOUR voice.

**Because the most powerful change occurs over time and with practice, and because I desire complete customer satisfaction, I strongly recommend committing to a series of at least 4 sessions.  Individual sessions are available but at a slightly higher rate. 

A Word About online lessons

While I do offer lessons via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom, it is important to understand that the nature of remote lessons is different from those given in person.

As I work with a vocalist, I glean information by listening for extremely subtle changes in the sound of the voice and by observing what is happening in the body. When I give feedback and the vocalist responds, I again listen and observe to see how that feedback was received and I then choose my next instructions accordingly. When I work with a singer in person, this gathering of information and responding happens quickly and easily.

By contrast, when I listen to a voice through a computer (even through quality headphones), the sound is being filtered through both of our computers/devices and it can be much harder to detect subtle nuances of vocal performance. There can also be technical disturbances in the sound which create confusion as to whether or not they are being produced in the voice or are the result of digital connection problems. In addition, sometimes the audio and visual don’t sync precisely, making it harder to collect accurate information about how the vocal sound is being produced and what is needed to improve it.

Because of these reasons, I strongly recommend in-person voice lessons— there truly is no substitute! If you do not live in Nashville or cannot travel to Nashville for lessons, I recommend you find a good coach locally who can work with you in the same room and provide immediate, accurate feedback!

That said, if you desire to work together long-distance and are aware of these challenges, I will connect with you, hear you, communicate as clearly as possible, and optimize your experience so you can implement my feedback and grow in all the ways you desire as a vocalist!